Saemaul Undong - 1

Sustainable Community Development

Seminar and Consultation at Enderun Colleges on Sustainable Community Development.

This seminar was a third take on the Sustainable Community Development Seminar held on May 10, 2014. Different speakers and participants were invited. The seminar gathered a total of 61 participants who were all stakeholders of sustainable community development. They listened to a variety of presentations by experts in the development field. Afterwards, consultations were done on the local community projects implemented by the participants. Following the consultation process, the participants were made aware of Enderun’s new sustainable community development programs which include the Global Certificate on Saemaul Undong and International Community Development and the Bachelor of Arts in Global Economics specializing in Saemaul Undong and International Development Cooperation.

Topics included:

The Global Saemaul Undong, Sustainable Community Development Framework, and Enderun’s New Capacity Development Program by Dr. Byeong Wan Lee, Professor of Economics of Yeungnam University

Linking Social Enterprises and Academic Institutions for Community Development by Dr. Gabriel Lopez, Senior Fellow and Faculty of the Development Academy of the Philippines

Sustainable Community Development by Edicio de la Torre, Founder and President of the Education for Life Foundation