Saemaul Undong 8

Project Finance and Management

Sustainable Community Development Seminar Focus: Project Finance and Management.

The Department of Saemaul Studies organized another Sustainable Community Development Seminar on October 25, 2014. The seminar was attended by 17 professionals from the development sector who participated and listened to a variety of presentations on project finance and management. The speakers also facilitated discussions among the participants regarding their projects with relation to the topics presented. Following the presentations and discussions, the participants were made aware of Enderun’s new sustainable community development programs which include the Global Certificate on Saemaul Undong and International Community Development and the Bachelor of Arts in Global Economics specializing in Saemaul Undong and International Development Cooperation.

Topics included:

KOICA in the Philippines and Saemaul Undong Implementation Guidelines by Dong Sung Seo, Associate Representative of KOICA Philippines

Cost Benefit Analysis and Project Evaluation by Dr. Byeong Wan Lee, Professor of Economics of Yeungnam University

Project Planning and Implementation by Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez, President of Enderun Colleges, Inc.