Global Partner: Yeungnam University

Yeungnam University

Yeungnam University is a comprehensive private university located in Gyeongsan, South Korea. Since its establishment in 1947, Yeungnam has continually strived to deliver a better future for new generations through quality education, research and service. Yeungnam has greatly contributed to the industrialization, democratization and advancement of Korea with over 200,000 graduates.

Yeungnam University

A joint project has been launched between Enderun Colleges and Yeungnam University which aims to globalize an academic discipline of ‘Saemaul Studies’ and spread the Saemaul Undong Spirit. The two institutions are working together to cultivate leaders with the skills needed to build long, fulfilling careers in various fields and enact programs that will largely contribute to the social good. A new department has been created as the administrative unit for this partnership called Department of Saemaul Studies and Economic Development. The department will offer not only a new Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (BSEcon) with specialization in Saemaul Undong and International Development Cooperation but also professional certificates in Saemaul Undong and seminars and workshops on Sustainable Community Development.

Yeungnam University also provides an opportunity for graduates of Enderun’s BSGE to pursue their master’s degree in Saemaul Studies and Leadership at the Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul (PSPS) of Yeungnam University.

Yeungnam University’s PSPS is a unique institute which offers a full scholarship graduate program reflecting its practical and theoretical know-how from 35 years of research and education in the field of Saemaul Undong. Since its opening in 2011, PSPS has attracted more than 200 students from over 50 countries.